This agreement ("Agreement") is between you (“blogger”) and Smorty. These are the Terms and Conditions of Smorty’s Service (the "Service"). Smorty offers campaign opportunities to write your opinion in your blog about advertiser provided topics with a link code ("Hyperlink") that may be placed by bloggers in one or more blogs with original content on the topic ("Posts") in exchange for a payment of money (get paid for blogging about provided campaigns). Smorty also provides banner and widget advertising by both pay-per-click and pay-per-view methods. "Blogger" or "you" means any person or entity identified in an enrollment form submitted by the same or affiliated persons, and/or any agency or network acting on its (or their) behalf, which shall also be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

1. Memberships. Using the Service is subject to Smorty’s approval of your membership application and your continued compliance with the Rules or such other URL as Smorty may provide from time to time. Smorty reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant or member at any time in its sole discretion. By enrolling in the Service, you represent that you are at least 16 years of age and agree that you will participate in the Service through responsible blogging on one or more sites using the Service provided topics and Hyperlink. The same individual can not hold multiple memberships, they will be subject to immediate termination unless expressly authorized in writing by Smorty (including by electronic mail).

2. Implementation of Posts. You agree to comply with the specifications provided by Smorty from time to time to enable proper delivery, display, tracking, and reporting of Posts in connection with your Posts, including without limitation by not modifying the Hyperlink code provided to you in the advertising campaign by Smorty in any way, unless expressly authorized in writing by Smorty (including by electronic mail). All posts must be original content with a minimum of 150 words on the same page and contain the exact number of links provided in the chosen campaign. You agree to Post on reputable, fully indexed, non-banned sites with non-defamatory or improper communications while participating in the Service and posting Service related content. Once a campaign has been taken by the blogger, the blogger will have up to 24hrs to confirm the post before ownership is given to another blogger (task expired). If a post is sent back to the blogger to fix, the blogger has another 24 hours to fix the post and submit it again to their admin panel. All features of the Service are provided "as is" and your use of them shall be undertaken solely at your own risk.

3. Posts Payment. Payments in the form of money will be received for each individual, original, approved opinion post on your blog for the amount displayed when a campaign has been delivered to you via email by Smorty. Each post must contain proper use of the Hyperlink code, in each case as determined by Smorty. Unless otherwise agreed to by the parties in writing (including by electronic mail), payments to you shall be sent by Smorty within approximately seven (7) days after your post has been approved by the advertiser and Smorty. Payments will be paid via the PayPal service to your PayPal account only. You must have a valid and current PayPal account to receive payment. In the event the Agreement is terminated, Smorty shall pay your rightfully earned balance to you within approximately thirty (30) days after the end of the calendar month in which the Agreement is terminated by you (following Smorty's receipt of your written request, including by email, to terminate the Agreement) or by Smorty. In no event, however, shall Smorty make payments for any earned balance less than the minimum amount allowable by the PayPal service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Smorty shall not be liable for any payment based on: (a) any amounts which result from invalid, improper or illegal Posts, as reasonably determined by Smorty. Smorty reserves the right to withhold payment or charge back your account due to any of the foregoing or any breach of this Agreement by you, pending Smorty's reasonable investigation, or in the event that an advertiser whose Hyperlink code is used in connection with your Posts defaults on payment for such Posts to Smorty. You agree to pay all applicable taxes or charges imposed by any government entity in connection with your membership in the Service. Smorty may change its pricing and/or payment structure at any time. If you dispute any payment made under the Service, you must notify Smorty in writing within thirty (30) days of any such payment; failure to so notify Smorty shall result in the waiver by you of any claim relating to any such disputed payment. Payment shall be calculated solely based on records maintained by Smorty. No other measurements or statistics of any kind shall be accepted by Smorty or have any effect under this Agreement. The payments made under this Agreement are for use by you only and may not be transferred or in any manner passed on to any third party unless expressly authorized in writing by Smorty (including by electronic mail).

4. Pay-Per-Click and Pay-Per-View payments. Payments in the form of money will be received for each individual IP address view or non fraudulent click from your visitors to available banner or widget advertising through Smorty services. Each visitor must be natural and non fraudulent. Payments to you shall be sent by Smorty within approximately thirty (30) days from your visitor being registered as a valid earning through the Smorty services. Payments will be paid via the PayPal service to your PayPal account only. You must have a valid and current PayPal account to receive payment. In the event the Agreement is terminated, Smorty shall pay your rightfully earned balance to you within approximately thirty (30) days after the end of the calendar month in which the Agreement is terminated by you (following Smorty's receipt of your written request, including by email, to terminate the Agreement) or by Smorty. In no event, however, shall Smorty make payments for any earned balance less than the minimum amount allowable by the PayPal service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Smorty shall not be liable for any payment based on: any amounts which result from invalid, improper or illegal clicks, as reasonably determined by Smorty. including but not limited to email marketing using tracking code, listing on an unapproved website or buying traffic. Smorty reserves the right to withhold payment or charge back your account due to any of the foregoing or any breach of this Agreement by you, pending Smorty's reasonable investigation. You agree to pay all applicable taxes or charges imposed by any government entity in connection with your membership in the Service. Smorty may change its pricing and/or payment structure at any time. If you dispute any payment made under the Service, you must notify Smorty in writing within thirty (30) days of any such payment; failure to so notify Smorty shall result in the waiver by you of any claim relating to any such disputed payment. Payment shall be calculated solely based on records maintained by Smorty. No other measurements or statistics of any kind shall be accepted by Smorty or have any effect under this Agreement. The payments made under this Agreement are for use by you only and may not be transferred or in any manner passed on to any third party unless expressly authorized in writing by Smorty (including by electronic mail).

5. Blogger Responsibilities. You are personally responsible for blog posts and operations, including all content and materials, maintenance and operation thereof, the proper implementation of Smorty's specifications, and adherence to the terms of this Agreement, including compliance with the Service Policies. Smorty reserves the right to investigate, at its own discretion, any activity that may violate this Agreement. Smorty is not responsible for anything related to your Posts or blog, including without limitation the receipt of queries or responses from end users of your blog(s) or the transmission of data between your blog(s) and Smorty. In addition, Smorty shall not be obligated to provide notice to you in the event that any Link is not being linked properly to your blog(s) or any blog to which you Post.

6. Communications. You agree to communicate directly with Smorty, and not to any advertiser, with regard to any aspect of the Service which you desire to discuss. You can contact Smorty by the Contact Us link on www.smorty.com.

7. Banned Uses. You must not directly or indirectly encourage: (i) the use defamatory language, pornographic pictures or references, curse words, hate words or other language or posts which would be deemed illegal, immoral or outside of general community standards, (ii) use any automated, deceptive, fraudulent or other invalid means, including but not limited to through repeated language, the use of robots or other automated posting tools and/or computer generated blogging to Post; (iii) use identical or nearly identical Posts on the same or different blogs; (iv) act in any way that violates any Service Policies posted on the Smorty Website, as may be revised from time to time, or any other agreement between you and Smorty, or engage in any action or practice that reflects poorly on Smorty or otherwise disparages or devalues Smorty’s reputation or goodwill. You acknowledge that any attempted participation or violation of any of the foregoing is a material breach of this Agreement and that we may pursue any and all applicable legal and equitable remedies against you, including an immediate suspension of your account or termination of this Agreement, and the pursuit of all available civil or criminal remedies. Smorty shall have no obligation to provide payment to you for those or any of your Posts.

8. Cancellation / Termination. This agreement will commence on the date you or a representative on your permission 'checks' the "I ACCEPT" box to agree to the terms and conditions and shall continue thereafter until your account is terminated by you or by Smorty.
a) Termination by Smorty. Smorty shall have the right, upon notice to blogger, to terminate all or part of this Agreement at any time with or without cause. Reasons include but are not limited to (a) Blogger materially breaches any term or condition this Agreement; or (b) Blogger (i) terminates or suspends its business activities; (ii) becomes insolvent, makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or becomes subject to direct control of a trustee, receiver or similar authority; or (iii) becomes subject to any bankruptcy or insolvency proceeding under federal or state statutes.
Upon termination of membership of any Site in the Service or termination of this Agreement for any reason, all Sections of this agreement shall survive termination.

b) Termination by blogger. You may cancel at any time by sending written notice of your desire to cancel your membership to Smorty (including email). All terminations by the blogger must be replied to by Smorty administration. Once the blogger has rightfully earned their payments according to these terms with Smorty, all payments will be paid within approximately thirty (30) days after the end of the calendar month in which the Agreement is terminated. This Agreement will be deemed terminated within fifteen (15) business days of Smorty's receipt of your notice and only if replied to.

9. Confidentiality. You agree not to disclose Smorty Confidential Information without Smorty's prior written consent. "Smorty Confidential Information" includes without limitation: (a) all Smorty software, technology, programming, specifications, materials, guidelines and documentation relating to the Service; (b) statistics relating to usage or results of the Service provided to you by Smorty; and (c) any other information designated in writing by Smorty as "Confidential" or an equivalent designation. However, you may accurately disclose the amount of Smorty’s gross payments to you pursuant to the Service. Smorty Confidential Information does not include information that has become publicly known through no breach by you or Smorty, or information that has been (i) independently developed without access to Smorty Confidential Information, as evidenced in writing; (ii) rightfully received by you from a third party; or (iii) required to be disclosed by law or by a governmental authority.

10. No Guarantee. Smorty makes no guarantee regarding the opportunities, the amount of any payment to be made to you under this Agreement, or that any product provided will be in usable condition.


12. Limitations of Liability. EXCEPT FOR ANY INDEMNIFICATION AND CONFIDENTIALITY OBLIGATIONS HEREUNDER OR YOUR BREACH OF ANY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS AND/OR PROPRIETARY INTERESTS RELATING TO THE SERVICE, (i) IN NO EVENT SHALL EITHER PARTY BE LIABLE UNDER THIS AGREEMENT FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL, INDIRECT, EXEMPLARY, OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES WHETHER IN CONTRACT, TORT OR ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY, EVEN IF SUCH PARTY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES AND NOTWITHSTANDING ANY FAILURE OF ESSENTIAL PURPOSE OF ANY LIMITED REMEDY AND (ii) SMORTY'S AGGREGATE LIABILITY TO PUBLISHER UNDER THIS AGREEMENT FOR ANY CLAIM IS LIMITED TO THE NET AMOUNT PAID BY SMORTY TO PUBLISHER DURING THE THREE MONTH PERIOD IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING THE DATE OF THE CLAIM. Each party acknowledges that the other party has entered into this Agreement relying on the limitations of liability stated herein and that those limitations are an essential basis of the bargain between the parties. Without limiting the foregoing and except for payment obligations, neither party shall have any liability for any failure or delay resulting from any condition beyond the reasonable control of such party, including but not limited to governmental action or acts of terrorism, earthquake or other acts of God, labor conditions, and power failures.

13. Publicity. You agree that Smorty may use your name and blog site name in presentations, marketing materials, customer lists, financial reports and Website listings of customers.

14. Warranties and Representations. You warrant and represent that (a) all of the information provided by you to Smorty to enroll in the Service is correct and current; (b) you are the owner of each of your blogs or that you are legally authorized to Post to the blogs you will Post to for the purposes of this Agreement and the Service; (c) you have all necessary right, power, and authority to enter into this Agreement and to perform the acts required of you hereunder; and (d) you have complied, and will continue to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations (including without limitation the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and any relevant data protection or privacy laws) in your performance of any acts hereunder. You further represent and warrant that each blog and any material displayed therein: (i) comply with all applicable laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations; (ii) do not breach and have not breached any duty toward or rights of any person or entity including, without limitation, rights of intellectual property, publicity or privacy, or rights or duties under consumer protection, product liability, tort, or contract theories; and (iii) are not pornographic, hate-related or otherwise violent in content.

15. Your Obligation to Indemnify. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Smorty, its agents, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, and applicable third parties (e.g., relevant advertisers, syndication partners, licensors, licensees, consultants and contractors) (collectively "Indemnified Person(s)") harmless from and against any and all third party claims, liability, loss, and expense (including damage awards, settlement amounts, and reasonable legal fees), brought against any Indemnified Person(s), arising out of, related to or which may arise from your use of the Service, your Post(s), and/or your breach of any term or condition of this Agreement.

16. Smorty Rights. You acknowledge that Smorty owns all right, title and interest in and to the Service (including Smorty's tracking technology and Brand Features, and excluding items licensed by Smorty from third parties), including without limitation all Intellectual Property Rights (as defined below), and that you will not acquire any right, title, or interest in or to the Service except as expressly set forth in this Agreement. You will not modify, adapt, translate, prepare derivative works from, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise attempt to derive source code from any Smorty services, software, or documentation, or create or attempt to create a substitute or similar service or product through use of or access to the Service or proprietary information related thereto. You will not remove, obscure, or alter Smorty's copyright notice, Brand Features, or other proprietary rights notices affixed to or contained within any Smorty services, software, or documentation (including without limitation the display of Smorty’s Brand Features with Posts and Code, as applicable). "Intellectual Property Rights" means any and all rights existing from time to time under patent law, copyright law, semiconductor chip protection law, moral rights law, trade secret law, trademark law, unfair competition law, publicity rights law, privacy rights law, and any and all other proprietary rights, as well as, any and all applications, renewals, extensions, restorations and re-instatements thereof, now or hereafter in force and effect worldwide.

17. Software License. Smorty hereby grants Merchant a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the Software in object code form only on a server controlled by Smorty.

18. Miscellaneous. Any modifications to this Agreement must be made in a writing executed by both parties, by your online acceptance of updated terms, or after your continued membership in the Service after such terms have been updated by Smorty. The failure to require performance of any provision shall not affect a party's right to require performance at any time thereafter, nor shall a waiver of any breach or default of this Agreement constitute a waiver of any subsequent breach or default or a waiver of the provision itself. If any provision herein is held unenforceable, then such provision will be modified to reflect the parties' intention, and the remaining provisions of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect. You may not resell, assign, or transfer any of your rights hereunder. Any such attempt may result in termination of this Agreement, without liability to Smorty. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Smorty may assign this Agreement to any affiliate at any time without notice. The relationship between Smorty and you is not one of a legal partnership relationship, but is one of independent contractors.

19. Changes to this Agreement
Ashop Commerce will occasionally update this agreement. When we do, we will also revise the "last updated" date at the top of the Agreement statement.
This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties as to its subject matter to the exclusion of any prior agreement whether written or oral express or in any way implied.
If any provision of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason it shall be severable and shall not affect the remaining provisions of this agreement.
References to any party to this agreement shall be deemed to be references to or include as appropriate there respective successors and permitted assigns.

Copyright Notice Copyright © 2004 - 2007 Smorty. All rights reserved.


Download GOM Player

As various media players jockey for position to become your default setting for music and video streams, GOM Media Player's support for a wide range of file formats has helped it stand out as a firm favorite.

Supported formats include DAT, MPEG, DivX, XviD, WMV, ASF, AVI, and MOV, as are common codecs like FLV1, AC3, OGG, MP4, and H263. A pop-out playlist can save and organize your various media files, though the limited sort modes--two--hardly makes it a champ.

More impressive are the customizable settings on the control panel. Here you can adjust a video's image brightness, hue, and saturation. There's no preview window, and changes occur as the video runs, so unless you care for a rousing session of trial and error, be sure to tweak the settings after clicking "play." There's also a built-in screen-capture feature that includes zooming and panning, customizable themes, hot keys, and a host of preset and adjustable audio controls.

GOM is weakest when you're looking for help documentation and trying to tweak Save settings, but overall it's a very strong player worth at least a supporting role in your video-watching habits, if not the lead.

GOM Player is a free multimedia player with popular video and audio codecs built-in. GOM Player supports file formats such as AVI, DAT, MPEG, DivX, XviD, WMV, ASF. Users don't have to install codecs separately. GOM Player is capable of playing incomplete or damaged AVI files by skipping the damaged frames. It can also play locked or partially downloaded files. Its other features include drag-and-drop support, HTTP streaming, editable skins, subtitling, overlay mixer, key remapping, enhanced filter rendering, real-time index rebuilding for AVI files and unicode support among others.

Version fixes Abnormal video-output in some non-intel-type cpu system and using built-in source filter, subtitle's sync problem at specific circumstance and about Gretech MKV Source Filter and OGG Source Filter.

Master Zukhruf


History of The Vikings

The Vikings (500 to 1100)

The Vikings (meaning "northmen") were the last of the barbarian tribes called Germans by the Romans to terrorize Europe. Spreading out from their homelands in Scandinavia, they struck suddenly across the seas from their dragon boats (called such because of the dragon heads carved on the bow and stern). They began by raiding, pillaging, and withdrawing before any serious armed resistance could be mounted, but they gradually grew more bold. Eventually they occupied and settled significant parts of Europe.

Being pagan, they did not hesitate to kill churchmen and loot church holdings, and they were feared for their ruthlessness and ferocity. At the same time, they were remarkable craftsmen, sailors, explorers, and traders.

The Viking homelands were Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. They and their descendants controlled, at least temporarily, most of the Baltic Coast, much of inland Russia, Normandy in France, England, Sicily, southern Italy, and parts of Palestine. They discovered Iceland in 825 (Irish monks were there already) and settled there in 875. They colonized Greenland in 985. Some people think that the Vikings reached Newfoundland and explored part of North America 500 years before the voyage of Columbus.

Vikings began raiding and then settling along the eastern Baltic Sea in the sixth and seventh centuries. At the end of the eighth century, they were making long raids down the rivers of modern Russia and setting up forts along the way for defense. In the ninth century, they were ruling Kiev and in 907 a force of 2000 ships and 80,000 men attacked Constantinople. They were bought off by the emperor of Byzantium with very favorable terms of trade.

Vikings struck first in the West in the late eighth century. Danes attacked and looted the famous island monastery at Lindisfarne on the northeast coast of England, beginning a trend. The size and frequency of raids against England, France, and Germany increased to the point of becoming invasions. Settlements were established as bases for further raids. Viking settlements in northwestern France came to be known as Normandy ("from the northmen"), and the residents were called Normans.

In 865 a large Danish army invaded England, and they went on to hold much of England for the next two centuries. One of the last kings of all England before 1066 was Canute, who ruled Denmark and Norway simultaneously. In 871 another large fleet sailed up the Seine River to attack Paris. They besieged the city for two years before being bought off with a large cash payment and permission to loot part of western France unimpeded.

In 911 the French king made the Viking chief of Normandy a duke in return for converting to Christianity and ceasing to raid. From the Duchy of Normandy came a remarkable series of warriors, including William I, who conquered England in 1066, Robert Guiscard and his family, who took Sicily from the Arabs between 1060 and 1091, and Baldwin I, king of the crusader kingdom of Jerusalem.

Viking raids stopped at the end of the tenth century. Denmark, Sweden, and Norway had become kingdoms, and much of their king's energy was devoted to running their lands. The spread of Christianity weakened the old pagan warrior values, which died out. The Norse were also absorbed by the cultures into which they had intruded. The occupiers and conquerors of England became English, the Normans became French, and the Rus became Russians.


History of The Turks

The Turks (1030 On)

The name Turk refers to two different Muslim groups of the Middle East-first the Seljuks and then the Ottomans. The Seljuks, nomads from the steppes near the Caspian Sea, converted to Islam around the tenth century. Approximately 70,000 Seljuks started as mercenaries to fill the ranks of the Islamic army of the caliph of Baghdad. These mercenaries converted to the Sunni branch of Islam. In 1055 they became the real power behind the caliph in Baghdad and began extending their rule. Their leaders took the title sultan, meaning "holders of power." By 1100 they controlled most of Anatolia (taken from the Byzantines), Palestine, the lands surrounding the Persian Gulf, the holy cities of Arabia, and as far east as Samarkand.

In 1071 the Seljuks achieved a stunning victory over a Byzantine army at Malazgirt in modern Turkey, which led to Turkish occupation of most of Anatolia. At nearly the same time, they successfully captured Jerusalem from its Egyptian Muslim rulers. These two events shocked the Byzantines, the papacy, and the Christian Europeans. The result was the Crusades, which carried on for the next 200 years.

The Seljuk Turks were worn down by the recurring wars with the Crusaders, even though they were successful ultimately in regaining control of Palestine. They were threatened simultaneously by the activities of the Assassins, a heretical sect of Islam. Internally, Islam entered a period of introspection because of the popularity of Sufi mysticism. During this period of exhaustion and weakness, they were attacked suddenly by the Mongols and collapsed. Baghdad fell to the invaders in 1258 and the Seljuk Empire disappeared.

Islamic peoples from Anatolia (modern Turkey in Asia Minor) were unified in the early fourteenth century under Sultan Osman I and took the name Osmanli, or Ottomans, in his honor. The Ottomans swore a jihad against the crumbling Byzantine Empire and took their campaign around Constantinople into the Balkans. In 1389 the Serbs were defeated. In 1396 a "crusader" army from Hungary was defeated. Ottoman successes were temporarily halted by the Mongols under Tamerlane, but he moved on with his army and the Ottomans recovered.

Sultan Mehmed II ("the Conqueror") at last captured Constantinople on May 29, 1453. The great walls of Constantinople were battered by 70 guns for eight weeks and then 15,000 Janissaries led the successful assault.

The Ottomans pushed on into Europe following the capture of Constantinople and threatened a sort of reverse Crusade. They were stopped by a Hungarian army at Belgrade in 1456, however. Attacks on Vienna were repulsed in 1529 and again in 1683. At its peak in the sixteenth century, the Ottoman Empire reached up into Europe to Budapest and Odessa and included all of Greece and the Balkans, the lands surrounding the Black Sea, Asia Minor, the Levant, Arabia, Egypt, and most of North Africa. The Ottoman Empire remained a significant world power until World War I in the twentieth century.


History of The Teutons

The Teutons (919 to 1250)

The origin of Germany traces back to the crowning of Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor in 800. Upon his death the empire was split into three parts that gradually coalesced into two: the western Frankish kingdom that became France and the eastern kingdom that became Germany. The title of Holy Roman Emperor remained in Charlemagne's family until the tenth century when they died out. In 919 Henry, Duke of Saxony, was elected king of Germany by his fellow dukes. His son Otto became emperor in 962.

The Holy Roman Empire that Otto I controlled extended over the German plain north to the Baltic, eastward into parts of modern Poland, and southward through modern Switzerland, modern Austria, and northern Italy. From the outset, the emperors had a difficult problem keeping control of two disparate regions-Germany and Italy-that were separated by the Alps.

The Holy Roman Empire was successful at first because it benefited the principal members, Germany and Italy. The Germans were not far removed from the barbarian condition. They had been conquered by Charlemagne only a century earlier. They benefited greatly from Italian culture, technology, and trade. The Italians welcomed the relative peace and stability the empire ensured. Italy had been invaded time and again for the previous 500 years. The protection of the empire defended the papacy and allowed the city-states of Italy to begin their growth.

The imperial armies were manned partially by tenants of church lands who owed service to the emperor. A second important contingent were the ministriales, a corps of serfs who received the best training and equipment as knights but who were not free men. These armies were used to put down revolts or interference by local nobles and peasants or to defend against raids by Vikings from the north and Magyars from the east.

Because Germany remained a collection of independent principalities in competition, German warriors became very skilled. The most renowned German soldiers were the Teutonic Knights, a religious order of warriors inspired by the Crusades. The Teutonic Knights spread Christianity into the Baltic region by conquest but were eventually halted by Alexander Nevsky at the battle on frozen Lake Peipus.

A confrontation between the emperors and the church over investiture of bishops weakened the emperors in both Germany and Italy. During periods of temporary excommunication of the emperor and outright war against Rome, imperial authority lapsed. The local German princes solidified their holdings or fought off the Vikings with no interference or help from the emperor. In Italy, the rising city-states combined to form the Lombard League and refused to recognize the emperor.

Political power in both Germany and Italy shifted from the emperor to the local princes and cities. The ministriales rebelled, taking control of the cities and castles they garrisoned and declaring themselves free. During desperate attempts to regain Italy, more concessions were given to the local princes in Germany. By the middle of the thirteenth century, the Holy Roman Empire existed in name only. The throne remained empty for 20 years. The German princes cared only about their own holdings. The Italian city-states did not want a German ruler and were strong enough to defend themselves.

Future emperors in the Middle Ages were elected by the German princes but they ruled in name only, controlling little more than their own family estates. Germany remained a minor power in Europe for centuries to come.


Terms of Services of Mypagerank.net

1. Disclaimer of Warranty.


2. Disclaimer of Service Content.

MyPagerank.net does not verify, endorse, or otherwise vouch for the contents of any Web Site using a MyPagerank.net Web Service. Web Service owners are responsible for everything contained on their own Web Site and in their Web Services. Web Service owners can be held legally accountable for the contents of any web service; including for example; material protected by copyright, trademark, patent, or trade secret law.

3. Service Limitations.

You are not allowed to associate any MyPagerank.net Services or Web Tools with any adult material of any sort. This includes, but is not limited to, such things as nudity, any site, page, image or service requiring any adult verification service, anything that says you must be 18 or older to view or join or access, and any text, image or likeness suggesting sexual and/or inappropriate and/or illegal acts of any sort.

We do not allow any MyPagerank.net Member Account to store, use, contain or display pornography, adult novelties, adult toys, XXX material, Gorean, bondage, BDSM, anything illegal, bigotry, racism, hatred, profanity, mail fraud, pyramid schemes, or any material which may be insulting to another person(s) or company, or depicts the exploitation of minors (children under 18 years of age). No spamming allowed, no harassing, threatening or illegal activities.

Material in MyPagerank.net Member Accounts must be appropriately and legally viewed and used by all ages. MyPagerank.net Member Accounts found to be in violation of any portion of this section can and will be terminated immediately.

4. Account Termination.

MyPagerank.net can remove any Web Service from the database, without prior notice, if we find the contents unsuitable for the public.

Modification of this Agreement

MyPagerank.net reserves the right to amend or change these Rules and Regulations at any time and without prior notice.

If you notice a MyPagerank.net Member breaking any of the rules, please notify us via the Support Center.

Please follow the rules... and enjoy MyPagerank.net's Web Services!


Terms Of Service of Shoutmix.com

Terms Of Service

The use of the ShoutMix service is subject to the following Terms of Service (TOS), which may be updated at any time without prior notice.
Description of Service

Shoutbox is a web based messaging system. ShoutMix provides basic (free) and premium (paid) shoutbox service to internet users. Shoutbox service is provided "as-is" and that ShoutMix assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion or failure to store any messages.

ShoutMix is not responsible for the content posted by its users. Any messages posted by its users does not mean that ShoutMix endorses the view or opinion of the messages. Under no circumstances will ShoutMix be liable in any way for any content or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any content.

ShoutMix strives to provide a reliable service to its members. However, in the unlikely event that the service is shut down due to unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to natural disasters, hardware failures, network failures or sabotage, ShoutMix will not be held responsible for any loss, damages, accident, death or loss of income.

ShoutMix respects your privacy and we do not sell or trade any information collected from you. While we try our best to ensure that our servers are not hacked into, you will not hold ShoutMix responsible for the leak of any information as a result of hacking or any other malicious acts. To protect yourself and your interests, we strongly advise you not to post or store any sensitive/private data on ShoutMix. Should you choose to ignore this advice, you shall not hold us liable for any damage of any sort.
Shoutbox Management

All users will be asked to select a password and shoutbox ID as part of the shoutbox creation procedure. You must provide an email address as part of the procedure. Your email address is used solely for administrative purposes. You are fully responsible for the confidentiality and privacy of your password and shoutbox. In the event of any unauthorized attempts by any users to gain access to your shoutbox, it is your responsibility to notify us immediately.

You are responsible for any activities that happen in your shoutbox. You must ensure that you log out from your control panel at the end of each session to ensure that no unauthorized access is gained. ShoutMix will not be liable for any loss or damages as a result of your actions.

The basic (free) shoutbox is ad-supported. Adverts must be visible to third party visitors—configurations that obscure or render invisible the adverts are not permitted.

Cancellation requests for subscription must be submitted to us at least three days before your next billing date to avoid being charged for the following subscription period.

Any user may cancel their shoutbox by deleting their shoutbox via the control panel. A refund to new premium users will only be issued if cancellation notice is received by ShoutMix within 7 days of the date of payment.

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the notification is successfully received by ShoutMix in the event of cancellation.

ShoutMix holds the rights to disable or cancel any shoutboxes without warning or notices. ShoutMix holds the rights to disable or cancel any shoutbox accounts should they be in breach of the TOS. Premium users who have paid subscriptions will have their subscriptions forfeited should they be in breach of this TOS.
Content of Messages

All information, text, or other materials posted at any shoutboxes are the sole responsibility of the person posting such information. ShoutMix will not be held responsible or liable for any damage incurred from the use of any such content posted in any shoutboxes. ShoutMix reserves the right to remove any content posted on any shoutbox without notice, but not obliged to do so, except by law.

You agree to not use the service to:

1. post any materials that are harmful, threatening or any other form of defamatory message
2. impersonate the identity of any personnel and give the false impression of your true identity
3. upload or post any messages that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party, or any confidential information
4. collect any data or any sorts from users

You are responsible in monitoring contents posted into your shoutbox using the administrative functions built into the shoutbox system. Under no circumstances will ShoutMix be held responsible for any content that is in breach of copyright or in violation of any other law.